Why I’m not a pirate

Tall Ships Portland 2015 gave thousands access  variety of traditional sailing vessels.

I may spend almost every waking moment on a boat, and much of my travel has been carried out on the backs of waves and under the influence of the wind, but I am not a pirate. I have no interest in pirates other than to avoid them, and I certainly don’t want to talk […]

My Wife Is a Ninja


Ok, so maybe she’s not a covert assassin or an anthropomorphic crime-fighting turtle, but nonetheless, my wife is a ninja in her own right, a boat ninja. How else could it be that she can awake from a deep slumber to close the hatches mere seconds before an early morning downpour? Or to tell me to check the fuel tank as the heater burns the last drop of diesel just after midnight? I can’t tell you how many times she has had a hunch about the boat that proved to be true.

Improve Your Safety at Sea With These 5 Important Steps


With the official arrival of summer, boaters all along the Maine coast are dipping their paddles, raising their sails, and firing up their engines. The season has been slowly ramping up since the mild winter faded away, but the summer solstice reminds us to soak up the sun while we can. As locals, transplants, and vacationers shove off from shore to explore the 3,478 miles of coastline and 3,166 offshore islands, it’s important to remember that the North Atlantic is a serious and powerful ocean.

A Controversial Second Life for A Voyaging Schooner

Aloft on another historic schooner, Bowdoin

A second life for the Spirit of Massachusetts has been found in the form of a restaurant in Kennebunk. This news has enthusiasts divided as to the fate of the notable ship. Some say it is a shame to see a voyaging schooner tied to a dock, never again to sail freely on the ocean. Others argue that a second life for the schooner will provide access to its history and beauty for years to come.

Getting Ready to Sail: Stowing for Sea

Polynya at Cornfield Point

Before we could leave for our weekend getaway we had to set into motion a series of preparations mariners refer to as “stowing for sea.” Anytime a boat sits at a dock or mooring for a period of time things tend to accumulate in places that are only viable when the boat sits perfectly level. As you sail, or pitch and roll, items that are not securely stowed will fall off shelves, roll across countertops, fly out of cabinets…create a mess. “A place for everything and everything in it’s place,” has never rung more true than aboard a moving boat.

Five Reasons You Might Be A Thalassophile


I know what you are thinking, so I’ll cut right to the chase: A thalassophile is a lover of the sea. There are people who enjoy the ocean, and then there are those of us who love it, and need it. Whether we depend on it for happiness, relaxation, a livelihood, a home, or for nourishment, some people simply must be near the sea.