A guide to simple coffee without the mess

I don’t drink coffee. I know, it’s strange. I simply can not stand the taste or smell of coffee no matter how many times I try it. Hot coffee, iced coffee, coffee ice cream…no, thank you. My wife, however, does drink coffee like a normal person, which means I make coffee on a regular basis. Due to the space and power constraints of life on a sailboat, a standard coffee maker isn’t practical.

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We have been using a french press for years because it is simple, reliable, portable and requires no power. We’ve used it hiking, sailing, road tripping and in everyday use. My biggest complaint about it has been the cleaning process. I find that it takes more water to clean the press than it does to brew the coffee. Often after cleaning it, I would find grounds all over the sink, dish drainer, the floor, and even myself. As someone who doesn’t even like to drink coffee, this drove me crazy.

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During a spontaneous trip to L.L. Bean, we came across the Aeropress in the Coffee by Design on the first floor. It caught our attention as a durable, compact, no-energy coffee maker. We took a photo and stored the product in the back of our minds as a potential new kitchen gadget. It wasn’t until a year later that we would finally decide to give it a try after hearing excellent reviews.

Wow. As the resident barista and dishwasher, the Aeropress has changed my life! I’ll start by saying that for me, the only thing I care about is how easy it is to clean. It is so easy to use and clean, that I no longer dread making the coffee, in fact, I sometimes even look forward to it.

So how does it work? Here are the simple steps:

1.) Put a filter into the end cap and screw it onto the brewing chamber.

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2.) Place the chamber on top of your mug and pour one scoop of finely ground coffee onto the filter.

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3.) Pour hot water over the coffee, filling the chamber to the number 4.

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4.) Stir the coffee slurry for approximately 20 seconds.

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5.) Insert the plunger into the chamber and slowly press it down, forcing the liquid through the filter and into your mug. Stop when you hear a hiss (the air beneath the plunger escaping the chamber).

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6.) Remove the Aeropress from your mug. Carefully (the filter will be hot), unscrew the filter housing and set it aside. Holding the press over the trash, or compost, press the plunger to eject the grounds and filter.

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7.) Clean each of the parts and set them aside to dry. Since all of the grounds are neatly ejected in the previous step, a quick rinse is all it takes to clean the Aeropress. When you are ready for another cup, simply repeat the process.

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It’s that easy! How does it taste? I can’t personally answer that, but I can tell you that everyone I have made coffee for says it is delicious!

If you would like to learn more about the Aeropress, check out a few of the numerous videos on YouTube. The steps I have offered here will make a great cup of coffee, but for the connoisseur, there are a plethora of advanced techniques to help you make a luxurious cup of java.

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