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A transitional season and a change of scenery

This is supposed to be the time of year that we are sanding and painting, cleaning, rigging, and finishing up projects before the sailing season begins. Yet we’ve felt delayed, if not downright bummed out, when the majority of our available work days are fraught with cold, dark, damp or downright wet weather.

Preparation kept us safe during the March blizzard

The white tipped waves rolling into the marina were 3-4 feet high. Before I knew it, I was knee-deep in the frigid ocean while securing the forward spring line to a new cleat.

17 sailing sites you need to visit in 2017

Are you ready for a break from Maine winter? Are you craving adventure in tropical locations? Here are 17 websites, blogs, and videos that will get you your summer fix!

Tragedy at sea isn’t about assigning blame

Rather than waste my energy on placing blame for events in the past, I choose to learn from the events that transpired and apply them to my career and my personal life. We can not bring back those that we lost, but we can help to protect those that are still here.

A sailmaker’s advice on winter storage

Just like any other piece of equipment aboard, the sails must be properly cared for as well. To learn more about off-season sail care I spoke with a professional sailmaker about winter maintenance and storage.

Improve Your Safety at Sea With These 5 Important Steps

With the official arrival of summer, boaters all along the Maine coast are dipping their paddles, raising their sails, and firing up their engines. The season has been slowly ramping up since the mild winter faded away, but the summer solstice reminds us to soak up the sun while we can. As locals, transplants, and vacationers shove off from shore to explore the 3,478 miles of coastline and 3,166 offshore islands, it’s important to remember that the North Atlantic is a serious and powerful ocean.

A controversial second life for a voyaging schooner

A second life for the Spirit of Massachusetts has been found in the form of a restaurant in Kennebunk. This news has enthusiasts divided as to the fate of the notable ship. Some say it is a shame to see a voyaging schooner tied to a dock, never again to sail freely on the ocean. Others argue that a second life for the schooner will provide access to its history and beauty for years to come.